AIYIMA T8 Digital Tube Preamp and A03 2.1 Channel Power Amplifier Receiver 50W+50W+100W Class D Amp Bundle


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  • ❶The T8 is a Digital tube preamp,not an amplifier.The effect of the T8 Digital tube preamp is warm and soft sound quality. But there is no audio amplification effect, so match with our A03, it not only makes the sound sound soft and sweet, but also experiences the Hifi effect of the class D amplifier
  • ❷The T8 Digital Tube Preamp Support Bluetooth 5.0/PC-USB/RCA Multiple audio input methods,and with RCA/3.5mm headphone output(With priority)
  • ❸A03 is a 2.1 Channel Power Amplifier,The Max Power Output 50W+50W+100W,Use Tpa3116 Amp high-efficiency chip.This ASIN package without the Power adapter,if you want it,pls contact us,we can send it for you free.thanks
  • ❹Standard order of use: After connecting in the correct way, when using, first turn on the T8 digital tube preamplifier, then turn on the A03 Amplifier; when turning off, turn off the A03 amplifier first, then turn off the T8 digital tube Preamplifier
  • ❺More technical support and help,pls ask
  • About our AIYIMA
    Our design concept is to satisfy more audio enthusiasts’ pursuit of sound quality.
    The use of audio electronic products needs to be used in strict accordance with the correct connection and matching, so as to achieve the maximum use effect of the product.
    Through your computer and other audio source input, choose our T8 bluetooth Digital tube preamp and A03 2.1 Channel Tpa3116 Power amplifier, with your bookshelf passive speakers, this is undoubtedly a very perfect combination.
    Let you enjoy HIFI music! Thank you for your choice!


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