NEW LovePlus+ Manaka Deluxe Complete Set (Nintendo 3DS LL included) [Japan Import]



  • Nintendo 3DS LL Manaka Deluxe ※ The color white · NEW Love Plus + (boxed version) – “The secret of Manaka” Love Plus visual and Configuration Collection (A4 deformation size / 40 pages) Binaural CD “ear Love Plus Manaka 2” (about 20 minutes 34 minutes binaural recording) Illustrations sheet “Manaka” (envelope containing, four illustrations sheet) -Drawn box “Manaka”
  • As a result of opening the box . You can put a package of “NEW Love Plus + ” in the upper right corner of the box . For a new illustration of this title game has been used for the illustration sheet , I am in the envelope so as not to spoil . Also has been recorded in the ” 2 plus ear Love ” CD ” binaural sound ( stereo sound ) ” is I can taste the feeling of being whispered in the ear like her . ” Ear Love Plus Manaka 2 ” collecting content 01 . Opening talk 02 . The ear honeymoon Manaka Hen 03 . The ear lover travel Manaka Hen Manaka Hen Throw 04 . Ear pillows 05 . Ending Talk 06 . Situation voice Manaka Hen 07.NEW Love Plus + theme song (instrumental) 08.NEW Love Plus + Ending theme song arrangement (instrumental) ※ I have been recorded in binaural sound ( stereo sound ) is part of the 01,05 and 02 to 04,06 track . Please enjoy using earphones or sensitive headphones (such as canal type ) . ※ track 01,05,07,08 are common Manaka , Rinko , both Nene .
  • [AC adapter is not included. ] Or AC adapter, please use an AC adapter (sold separately) to Nintendo 3DS/DSi LL / DSi.
  • If you intend to use abroad Nintendo 3DS, please refer to the following guidelines . In addition, please use in accordance with the laws of each region . [ 2013.7.26 update ] The AC adapter The included AC adapter (WAP-002 (JPN)), I is compatible with only the power supply of 100V ~ 120V to Nintendo 3DS in Japan specification . You’ll need to prepare the AC adapter dedicated to when it is charging at the power area of 200V ~ 240V. Will sell in Japan because there is not it , please can purchase an AC adapter dedicated in the field to be used. For game software that can be used You can not use the software have been released abroad . I am afraid that I can not guarantee the operation , even if that were available . Warranty Use in foreign countries will be covered by the warranty . For any damage or malfunction of the body of the failure abroad , resulting in the other , it can not be that you take the time to accept the services and warranty , Please note . If the product is to be used in wireless Wireless communication of the Nintendo 3DS (※) function , you can use only in areas that have acquired the wireless authentication . ※ communication between the Nintendo 3DS and communication over the Internet


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