Quilter Labs Travis Toy 12 Steel Guitar Amplifier


Brand Quilter
Compatible Devices Guitar
Material Steel
Output Wattage 200 Watts
Speaker Size 12 Inches
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he Travis Toy 12 is the ultimate 12 inch steel guitar amplifier modular combo. It is powered by a remove-able Tone Block 202 head for isolation room work, and featuring tilt back legs for live stage use. Developed in conjunction with Quilter and Eminence, it represents the culmination of Travis’ lifetime effort to build a legacy of great tone, honest value, and effortless performance for the Steel Guitarist. The Travis Toy 12, utilizes the custom signature Eminence Double-T 12 speaker and is intended to be the best possible amplification system for today’s modern steel guitarist. Features include laser engraved tilt back legs, a signature Double T 12 speaker, a pre-configured and tested Tone Block 202 and a custom artist badge.


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